11 December – Paris, CNEF (Conseil national des évangéliques de France), study-day, lecture on ‘from secular to post-secular society, challenges for the Church’.


4-5 January – Ventabren (France), FEET (Fellowship of Euiopean Evangelical Theologians), Committee Meeting, representing the Theological Commission of the EEA (European Evangelical Alliance).

16 January – Brussels, European Parliament, Celebration 25th anniversy of the Brussels office of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA).

17-18 January – Vaux-sur-Seine (near Paris), Faculté libre de théologie évangélique (FLTE), Teaching the Master Course ‘Issues in Missiology’. 

24 January – Nîmes, Centre Communautaire Sarah Grumbach, Amitié judéo-chrétienne, conférence “Les évangéliques et le sionisme, entre engagement et antisionisme’.

30 January – Nîmes, CNEF (Conseil national des évangéliques de France), Preparatory meeting to create a Commission of Evangelical-Jewish Dialogue.

13-15 February – Leuven, Evangelical Theological Faculty, teaching.

11 April – Nîmes, Evangelical Pastoral Convent, lecture on ‘Typical barriers and bridges for the Gospel in the context of today’s Western-European societies’.

13 March – Amersfoort, Baptist Church, ‘Leerhuis’, lecture on ‘Israel and the Church’.

19-20 March – Bad Blankenburg (Germany), EEA (European Evangelical Alliance), Round Table Conference.

28 March – Paris, Institut Biblique de Nogent, REMEEF (Réseau évangélique de missiologie en Europe francophone), study day.

2-3 April – Männedorf (Switzerland), AEM (Swiss Association of Evangelical Missions), Spring Conference 2019, keynote speaker

4 April – Zaventem (Belgium), Operation Mobilisation, European Church Planting Conference, lecture.

1-3 May – Leuven, Evangelical Theological Faculty, teaching.2

2-24 May – Vaux-sur-Seine (near Paris), Faculté libre de théologie évangélique (FLTE), Teaching the Master Course ‘Issues in Missiology’.

30-31 May – Poitiers (Fr), FEEBF (Fédération des Eglises Evangéliques Baptistes de France), Congres, lecture on ‘Une Eglise qui résonne dans la Cité’, and leading a forum on ‘The Gospel in Europe’

10-30 July Gloucester (UK), Redcliffe College, Summer School, series of lectures on ‘Crucial Issues for European Mission and Theology’.