15-19 July Gloucester (UK), Redcliffe College, Summer School, series of lectures on ‘Crucial Issues for European Mission and Theology’.

24 and 31 July – Delden and Voorthuizen (NL), Conferences “Reveilweken”, seminar on ‘John’s Gospel and Antisemitism’.

29 July to 2 August – Amsterdam, Schuman Centre for European Studies, Masterclass ‘Understanding Europe Today’, series of lectures on ‘Christian Faith and the Making of Europe’.

23 SeptemberParis, Commission Juifs et Protestants, Fédération Protestante de France, day meeting.

24-27 September, 13-18 October, 12-15 November – Leuven, ETF, Teaching.

12-15 November – Brussels, Vianova (former Belgian Evangelical Mission), Symposium ‘Agora 100’. Presentation on ‘integral mission and new church initiatives’. Participating in study-groups.

20 November – Paris, Institut Biblique de Nogent, study-day REMEEF (Réseau évangélique de missiologie en Europe francophone).

22-23 November – Helsinki, State of Europe Forum (Schuman Centre for European Studies), lecture ‘the state of religion and Christianity in Europe’. Participation in round table discussions.

8-13 December – Leuven, Evangelical Theological Faculty, teaching.